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2021 Incident #20: 21st July 19:03 – Devil’s Bridge

2021 Incident #20: 21st July 19:03 – Devil’s Bridge

Team called by NWAS to assist with an incident at Devils Bridge. The casualty was already being treated by NWAS and NWAA crews when we arrived and alongside CFRS we assisted with the extraction of the casualty from the riverbank to the helimed.

2021 Incident #19: 8th July 16:30 – Ill Bell

Team called by Cumbria Police. A walker had taken a fall whilst walking between Ill Bell and Froswick on Kentmere horseshoe. Once on scene it was soon established that the gentleman had sustained a painful collar bone injury. Due to the nature of injury Rescue199 was requested and airlifted the casualty to Carlisle. Continue Reading

2021 Incident #12: 30th May 18:55 – Three Tarns

Team called by Langdale Ambleside MRT. They were in the process of dealing with multiple callouts and requested our help when another came through. Ollie the dog had sustained an injury to his hind leg whilst out with his owner. It was fortunate for Ollie that the teams “Dog whisperer” Shane was on hand for… Continue Reading

2021 Incident #11: 29th May 11:43 – The Helm

Team called via Cumbria Police. A dog had suffered from heat exhaustion whilst walking with her owners on the helm. After some TLC from the teams “Dog whisperer” Shane, Bella was soon feeling a lot better. It is always nice to see people and their pets out and enjoying some much needed sunshine. Please make… Continue Reading

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