Callouts 2015

22 December 2015 – Weather Warnings

Team Leader group are monitoring river levels and we are currently on standby to assist in flood related incidents. Please be watchful around the rivers and fells as we are also aware of some footpaths on the fells being washed away. Stay safe this Christmas.

7 December 2015 11:00hrs – Water Callout

Request via Cumbria Police asking if we could prepare some team members to assist with the recovery of the gentleman who had been swept into the swollen river nr Staveley. We were stood down whilst at base. Our thoughts are with the family.

5-6 December 2015 11.30 hrs – Cumbria Flooding

Team were put on standby due to the increasing water levels. With the river Kent breaking its banks, and the seriousness of the flooding increasing, the team started deploying to various incidents. Utilising the team’s Land Rovers to navigate floodwaters, members were despatched to help evacuate residents from houses at risk. As events unfolded and premises did start to flood, swift water rescue technicians were mobilised to assist with evacuation.

Working with the emergency services and other volunteer rescue organisations such as Bay SRT, Bowland Pennine MRT, Langdale & Ambleside MRT, Duddon & Furness MRT and others, we attended countless incidents across the area from Windermere to Milnthorpe, rescuing car passengers stuck in flood, evacuating people cut off in flooded houses and assisting ambulance crews in moving patients to hospitals outside the town where ambulances could not access areas due to flooding.

The team worked through the night on Saturday and continued deployment through Sunday. As water levels finally receded and roads in Kendal re-opened, the team stood down at 19:41. We would like to thank Booths in Milnthorpe, and Trav’s Chippy in Kirkbarrow, as well as the gentleman who delivered flasks of tea and packets of biscuits for their generosity in providing hungry and tired MRT members with food and drink on Sunday as they attended rescues.

28 November 2015 17.00 hrs – Missing Party

Team paged by Cumbria Police after they had received a call from a concerned person who reported some members of their party lost. After establishing a Sarloc position it was discovered that the missing persons were not on our patch and so we passed the information to Coniston MRT who succesfully located the party.

14 November 2015 16.15 hrs – Flood Warnings

Kendal team deployed, along with fellow team members from Patterdale MR and Cave Rescue Organisation, to conduct house to house checks along areas of high risk due to flooding. We advised residents of the evacuation procedures currently in place and identified those in a vulnerable position. We completed our task at 23:00hrs. We monitored river levels overnight and the following day, with Swift water teams placed on standby. We would like to thank both Patterdale and CRO teams for their assistance.

9 November 2015 16.20 hrs – Car in River

Team called by police after a car skidded off the road and plunged into the river Kent. Swift water teams assisted the Fire and Rescue teams search along the river banks. The HS92 SAR helicopter from Bristows MCA was also used. Due to ever increasing water levels and the speed of the river, all bank side activity was scaled back. Team stood down at 18:45hrs

5 November 2015 20.30 hrs – Fall on Castle Hill

Team paged by Cumbria police, a girl had taken a fall down the steep slope at Kendal Castle. With the ground being steep and very slippery we used our stretcher as a sled to bring the casualty down to the ambulance.

4 November 2015 21.15 hrs – Injury on Sergant Man

Just as our AGM was wrapping up, the team was paged by Langdale and Ambleside team to assist with the carry of a gentleman with an ankle injury on Sergant Man. With the whole team already assembled, we were able to swiftly despatch two vehicles to Langdale. Despite the low cloud and extremely boggy ground, the casualty was brought safely back to the valley where he was transferred via Land Rover to the waiting ambulance.

31 October 2015 13.00 hrs

Team called by Langdale and Ambleside team to assist with the rescue of a fallen scrambler at Gimmer Crag. Conditions underfoot and overhead proved to be challenging, with thick cloud and very poor visibility. With the prospect of a long and difficult stretcher carry looming, some exceptional flying from the coastguard rescue helicopter saw the casualty winched out and flown to hospital. Two other members of the party were able to walk off with the assistance of the teams. Back at base for 20:00.

14 October 2015 12.20 hrs

Team responded to a request for assistance from NWAS at a location just outside Milnthorpe, where an elderly person had taken a fall on a remote path. Team stood down en-route on hearing that the casualty was able to reach the land ambulance.

13 October 2015 18.35 hrs

Team called by Cumbria Police with reports that three young people had been reported missing in the Meathop village area. Our swift water team was also deployed. Missing persons were found safe and well by police.

11 October 2015 15:55hrs

Team paged by Langdale and Ambleside MRT who asked if we could prepare to assist in a carry off. A team of 5 were stood down en-route.

01 October 2015 15.40 hrs

Team called by Langdale and Ambleside team to assist in what could have been a very protacted rescue and carry out. A male had taken a big fall into Brownley Gill sustaining arm, leg and head injuries. The RN SAR from Prestwick proved invaluable in lifting the casualty from the gill. NWAA was also in attendance.

19 September 2015 07.00 hrs

As team members continued the search for a missing female in the Crosby Ravensworth area this morning, we learnt that the body of the missing person was discovered in one of the search areas. Our thoughts are with the family.

18 September 2015 07.00 hrs

Team members assisted in the multi-agency search for a missing female in the Crosby Ravensworth area.

07 September 2015 06.00 hrs

Team paged by Duddon and Furness MRT to assist in the ongoing search in Waberthwaite for a 69yr old male who had been reported missing the previous evening. 5 MRT’s were involved along with 7 specialist search dogs plus the rescue helicopter from Bristows. After 16 hrs of intensive searching without success the teams were all stood down. Later, a walker spotted a lone male wandering around on a high crag in Muncaster. This was the missing person, He was treated for dehydration by Wasdale MRT and safely transferred to a land ambulance. We would like to thank the local residents who left messages on our vehicles offering refreshments.

04 September 2015 18.08 hrs

Team leaders called by Cumbria Police, They had received a report from people at Cark Airfield that what appeared to be either a hang gliding canopy or large kite could be seen hanging from the crag at Humphrey Head. Our team leader was near the vicinity and after a quick recce discovered it was a large kite that was caught amongst the tree roots and brambles jutting out from the crag. There was no requirement to call out the team.

30 August 2015 14.08 hrs

Request from Langdale team to assist with a potential carry off from Stickle Tarn. Fortunately Helimed managed to find a good landing site and the L&A team transferred the casualty to the helicopter. We cleared a landing zone at Dungeon Gill and met the casualty. Back at base by 17:00hrs.

29 August 2015 20.00 hrs

Request from Langdale team to assist in a long carry off from Crinkle crags to three shires via Great Knott. Casualty transferred to awaiting land ambulance then home for a midnight tea.

29 August 2015 13.46 hrs

Team paged by NWAS reporting that an elderly lady had collapsed on top of Arnside Knot. On arrival a land ambulance team of paramedics had already met the lady and she was able to be walked down to the awaiting ambulance.

27 August 2015 15.00 hrs

Langdale and Ambleside assist. An elderly person had collapsed high up on the Band. As the team approached the incident site, we were informed by Langdale team that the casualty was being lifted off by helimed.

27 August 2015 14.19 hrs

Team were notified by Cumbria Police after reports that a dog had fallen from the crags above Cautley Spout. It was also unsure the dog owners whereabouts after they were seen descending the crag. Kirkby Stephen also responded to assist. We had to hand over that incident to KSMRT after being requested by Langdale in another incident.

27 August 2015 11.16 hrs

Start of a busy day, especially for the drivers. Team were called by Langdale team who were attending a casualty at Belle Knot, above Easedale. The weather was hampering the evacuation of the casualty via Helimed/Bristows MCA, therefore a carry off was looking like the best option. Team were on route when the weather cleared enough for the helimed to take off with the casualty.

12 August 2015 19.00 hrs

Busy evening, We were preparing to host the High Sheriff of Cumbria, Mr Sam Rayner, and his wife and take them to Scout Scar on a training evening when, just as they were about to get changed, we were called out to a NWAS assist just past Milnthorpe. With a full base we were able to despatch 9 team members straight away whilst the remainder continued to conduct training albeit at base. The casualty involved in the call out was soon assessed, treated and transferred to a land ambulance. Once everyone was back Mr Rayner presented the team with a certificate of recognition and complemented the team on the voluntary work it undertakes. He now professes to understand how to change a 3 to 1 pulley system to a 5 to 1.

11 August 2015 18.00 hrs

Team called by NWAS, A family were enjoying an evening walk near the Hospice Memorial on Hampsfell when one of the party slipped and sustained a bad ankle injury. Team located the party treated the casualty and stretchered him down for a transfer to NWAS land ambulance.

19 July 2015 08.30 hrs

Ourselves and Penrith MRT called by Kirkby Stephen team to assist in the search for a missing person in the Westmorland services area nr Tebay. We deployed swift water teams and land search teams which also included three of the team’s search dogs. We are glad to report that our SRT team found the missing person and he was safely transferred to a land ambulance.

26 June 2015 19.48 hrs

Team called by Cumbria Police. We were asked to assist in the search for a vulnerable female in the Scout Hill area near Holme. Team were stood down at 21:15hrs after she was found by the police.

13 June 2015 14.38 hrs

Team paged by Cumbria Police. A mountain biker competing in a trail race at Kentmere had taken a fall and sustained head injuries. Fortunately for the biker one of our former team doctors was also competing and assisted the team in treating and preparing the casualty for his flight in the Helimed. Team home by 17:30hrs.

1 June 2015 20.50 hrs

Team paged by NWAS, a caller had witnessed persons sailing on Killington Lake. The boat capsized several times and on the final capsize no persons could be seen on or around the boat. We were in the process of preparing our SRT kit when news arrived that the boats occupants had managed to reach safety

18 May 2015 07.00 hrs

Team paged this morning to check numbers able to relieve the teams already on Sca Fell Pike searching for two persons who had been missing overnight. Already involved from the early hours were Kendal’s Team Leader Dave and his search dog Fern and Eqpt Officer John with his dog Cuillin. They managed to cover approx 16km with over a 1000m of ascent and after the miss persons were successfully located by a search party, were able to assist the missing persons into the rescue helicopter. Team were paged the good news and stood down.

12 May 2015 17.30 hrs

Team paged by Cumbria Police. We assisted police in the recovery of a body in the area of Benson Knott. The team expresses their condolences to family and friends.

11 May 2015 18.30 hrs

Team requested to resume their search for the missing elderly lady from Kendal. With new information received we redeployed to new search areas. Once again we were joined by search dogs from both our team and the adjoining Lakes teams. We stood search parties down at nightfall.

10 May 2015 09.00 hrs

Team assembled at base after a request from Cumbria police to assist in the search for a vulnerable missing person from Kendal. We were assisted by Lakes Search and Rescue dogs and able to deploy 6 search dogs. Our swiftwater teams searched rivers whilst other team members conducted woodland/urban searches.

09 May 2015 15.30 hrs

Team paged by Cumbria police ref a competitor in the Kentmere trail race who had suffered a bad wrist injury. With some team members already on marshalling duties the casualty was located and it was apparent that due to the location and with the casualty suffering dizzy spells the safest option was to carry the casualty down on a stretcher. All back at base in time for a later than scheduled tea.

02 May 2015 13.30 hrs

Team paged by NWAS after reports that a Mountain Biker had taken a fall on Gatesgarth pass near Sadgill bridge. With news that the casualty was able to get to a property, which enabled the ambulance clear access, the team were stood down.

01 May 2015 12.00 hrs

The Langdale & Ambleside team asked us to assist following reports of a paraglider crashing near Tarn Crag in Great Langdale. We were stood down while on route when it was confirmed that the casualty had been evacuated by air ambulance.

09 April 2015 14.00 hrs

The Team was called by the North West Ambulance Service. A female had taken a slip on the path close to Bob’s Caf√© along the Arnside coastal walk and sustained a lower leg injury. With unconfirmed reports that someone had also been immersed in the water, Bay Rescue and the Coastguard were also on hand, (thankfully this report had proved to be unfounded). It did mean that there were plenty of willing hands to assist with the carry back to the land ambulance. Another good joint effort involving fellow rescuers.

07 April 2015 13.50 hrs

We were asked to assist the Langdale & Ambleside team with a casualty just below Easedale Tarn. We were stood down as we were assembling when it was confirmed that they had managed to get the casualty to an air ambulance.

06 April 2015 19.15 hrs

We were called by Cumbria Police to a mountain biker who had taken a tumble on the Garburn Pass. The Team were able to reach the casualty in the vehicles via the Dubbs Reservoir route. The casualty was treated and transferred in our Mobile 3 to a waiting NWAS land ambulance. Two mountain bikes were also recovered back to our base – keep an eye on ebay! Our thoughts are of course with the casualty but what a great evening to be on the fell.

26 March 2015 12.30 hrs

The Team was called by the North West Ambulance Service to assist with a casualty who had slipped and sustained a lower leg injury at Jenny Brown’s Point. A NWAAS helimed was also deployed but we managed to transfer the casualty to a waiting land ambulance.

08 March 2015 12.45 hrs

The Team was called by the North West Ambulance Service to assist them at Larkrigg Hall Bridge, near Natland, with the evacuation of a female. She had fallen from the path sustaining a leg injury and we stretchered her to the waiting ambulance.

07 March 2015 13.10 hrs

The North West Ambulance Service asked us to attend a mountain biker at Sadgill, Longsleddale. He had sustained a rather nasty open fracture of his lower arm. Following treatment by the Team, he was transported in one of our Land Rovers down the valley to the A6 where he was transferred to a land ambulance.

01 March 2015 16.15 hrs

The Team was called by both Cumbria Police and the North West Ambulance Service. Snow was creating adverse driving conditions on certain routes and we were requested to attend a couple of incidents that were causing concern.

28 February 2015 16.20 hrs

We were called to assist the Langdale & Ambleside team who were responding to an incident near Dove Crag on the Fairfield Horseshoe. As we were short on numbers with a lot of our team off training in Scotland and both the Patterdale team and an RAF team were available to help, we were held on standby at our base. We were stood down just after 18.00 hrs when the incident was resolved.

22 February 2015 15.10 hrs

The Team was called to a female member of a walking group who had fallen ill. They were located along the footpath near Blindbeck Bridge, Barbondale. The North West Ambulance Service  were also in attendance and the casualty was soon in a nice warm and dry ambulance.

20 February 2015 20.15 hrs

The Team was paged by Cumbria Police. An elderly, visiting, gentleman had been reported missing in the Kirkby Lonsdale area. His car was parked at Devils Bridge. The Team deployed its swift water technicians and 2 search dogs to check the river and the banksides. Thankfully the gentleman was found away from the river and was treated by the North West Ambulance Service. All back at base and kit stowed by 23:00hrs. A good result!

17 February 2015 16.20 hrs

We were paged by the North West Ambulance Service. A young lad had taken a tumble on the Helm near Kendal and sustained a leg injury. It was a straight forward stretcher carry with a very light casualty down to the awaiting ambulance. Busy day!!!

17 February 2015 13.10 hrs

Shortly after finishing our tea and cake from our earlier call out we were paged by Langdale & Ambleside team. They had 2 jobs on and we were sent to the incident at Sergeant Man above Stickle Ghyll. Fortunately Helimed 08 was able to attend and bring the casualty down for transfer to a land ambulance at the New Dungeon Ghyll, saving a very long walk in and carry off. Thanks to team member Matt for the reconstruction of the ambulance transfer.

17 February 2015 11.40 hrs

The Team was called by the North West Ambulance Service and asked to assist in the evacuation of a female with a lower leg injury from the vicinity of Kendal Castle. We were stood down as team members were assembling when the NWAS reported that they had managed to get the casualty to the ambulance.

14 February 2015 13.25 hrs

We were informed by the Kirkby Stephen Team of an incident at Cautley Spout. A female walker had slipped and sustained head and hand injuries. We deployed six team members to assist with the staged stretcher lower and carry off down steep ground. A good joint team effort.

13 February 2015 04.15 hrs

The Team was called by Cumbria Police to assist in the search for a missing local female. We were assisted by Lakes search & rescue dogs, Duddon & Furness MRT and an RAF Search and Rescue Helicopter. The Missing Person was found safe and well and teams were stood down at 14:30hrs

08 February 2015 15.00 hrs

While en route to the previous callout, L&A had a second call to another female with a lower leg injury just above Loughrigg Terrace and we were diverted to that incident. Having stretchered the casualty to the waiting ambulance, we continued on to the Stickle Ghyll job and helped on the final section of the carry-off. – Icy conditions underfoot are making the fells a very slippery place, please take care out there.

08 February 2015 14.25 hrs

The team was requested by the Langdale & Ambleside team to assist them in the evacuation of a female casualty with a lower leg injury from near the top of Stickle Ghyll.

07 February 2015 08.00 hrs

Seven Kendal team members joined other teams from the Lake District in an on-going search for a missing person to the north of Penrith.

06 February 2015 15.25 hrs

The team was called by Cumbria Police -they had received a call from a male walker who was experiencing difficulties on the Kentmere Horseshoe. Using a grid reference supplied by the walker a group of team members was quickly despatched. The man was located and brought down safely from the fell.

18 January 2015 08.50 hrs

18/01/15: 08:50hrs: The team was paged by the North West Ambulance Service and asked to assist in the extraction of a casualty suffering from a suspected lower back injury and with the possible onset of hypothermia. In a joint effort which included the Fire Service, NWAS & Helimed paramedics the casualty was soon in the waiting ambulance. On a team note it was great, once again, to work alongside the other emergency services, to share our relevant expertise & work with different kit.

14 January 2015 22.00 hrs

The team was called to assist the Langdale & Ambleside team on a protracted rescue. Two females had been stuck near the top of Great Rigg on the Fairfield horseshoe since 18:30hrs. One attempt at reaching them had to be aborted due to weather conditions. In stormy conditions, a fresh three pronged attempt at reaching the females via three different routes proved successful. They were found in their tent at 01:40hrs cold & wet but able to descend with the teams. The RAF Leeming MRT also responded in what was an excellent outcome. Teams were off the hill by 04:00hrs ready for a brew.

11 January 2015 18.36 hrs

The team was called by Cumbria Police after two people and their dog were reported lost in the Hervey Memorial National Reserve, Whitbarrow. A SARLOC on their mobile phone was used which gave us their location. Team members soon found them and led them safely back. First call out of the year and a good result.

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