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30 December 2016 14:20 hrs – Farleton Knott

30 December 2016 14:20 hrs – Farleton Knott

Team called by Cumbria Police, A group of family walkers requested help after a member of their party had slipped and sustained an ankle injury. They were located after we used the SARLOC system which pin pointed them on Holme park fell (Farleton Knott). We treated the casualty and stretchered them down to an awaiting land ambulance.

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29 December 2016 14:20 hrs – Sadgill Farm

Team paged by Cumbria Police. A walker had called them after hearing calls for help north of Sadgill farm in Longsleddale. As the team were en route we heard news that the person requiring assistance had managed to self rescue from a crag that they were exploring. We thanked the walker who had made the… Continue Reading

27 December 2016 15:30 hrs – Craggy Plantation

27 December 2016 15:30 hrs – Craggy Plantation

Team called by Cumbria Police, a walker at Craggy Plantation had slipped and could not weight bear on their ankle. Luckily the informant was a team member so ourselves and NWAS were able to locate the casualty swiftly. After treatment, and a short carry, the casualty was soon in the land ambulance. Continue Reading

26 December 2016 11:20 hrs – Barbondale

Team & Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) paged by Cumbria Police after reports of a walker with a broken leg in the Barbondale area. CRO took the lead as the incident was in their area, we provided a vehicle with 5 team members ready to assist if needed. Casualty was successfully transferred to the Helimed and… Continue Reading

23 December 2016 19:00 hrs – Selside

Team called out to reports that a man and his dog had got themselves stuck in water at a location close to Selside. As our swift water team were preparing to leave base we received news that the man and his dog were safe. Continue Reading

16 December 2016 19:15 hrs – Greenup Edge

With Langdale and Ambleside enjoying a well-deserved team Christmas celebration, we recevied a report of walkers lost and disorientated on the Coast to Coast long distance path between Rosthwaite and Grasmere. Initial information given to Police suggested that they were nearer to Grasmere and could see the village lights. SARLOC was used but without response. The… Continue Reading

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