Callouts 2004

The following is a short appraisal of the team’s call out. This was the busiest year ever for the team since it’s formation over 50years ago. Whilst the Teams own call outs had increased a lot of other recorded rescues have been due to Kendal Team & Langdale/Ambleside Team working more closely together to improve the service to the community.

2nd January

The Team were called to search for a couple who had arranged to meet their family at the Queens Head public House, After considerable detective work and messages left on mobile answer phones they finally contacted the team to say they had been waiting in The Mortal Man Hotel (Who was right we shall never know).

1st February

Cumbria Ambulance request assistance to evacuate a casualty who had fallen on the Helm at Kendal. It was a very wet & Slippery underfoot.

3rd December

The team assisted Police with transport and rescued persons from flooded areas during severe weather conditions, The team were operational for several hours.

5th February

Requests to assist in searching the coastline following a group of Chinese Cocklers who got into trouble, in the Morecambe Bay area The tragic event led to 25 deaths by drowning as the cocklers were caught b fast incoming tides.

16th February

The team went to the assistance of a female with suspected MI at the fairy steps Beetham wood. She was airlifted to hospital by Air Ambulance.

18th February

The first of many Langdale Ambleside assists. An incident on Red Screes saw 3 people with minor injuries.

20th February

A request to search the banks of the river Kent following the discovery of a girls body after the floods.

6th March

Langdale Ambleside Assist at Dungeon Ghyll, suspected broken ankle.

2nd April

A Female walker on Garburn Pass requested help because of sore feet ? She rescued herself , (we believe it was a family argument fuelled by alcohol).

3rd April

Langdale Ambleside Assist in evacuating a casualty from Greenup Edge /High Raise area.

19th April

A request to assist the Ambulance crew to evacuate a casualty at Devils Bridge.

25th April

Whilst on exercise the team were called to assist Langdale Ambleside at Gimmer Crag. The Team were stood down on arrival at Ambleside.

2nd May

The team were called by Langdale Ambleside to help evacuate 3 casualties following a rock fall at Red Screes.

16th May

Another Langdale Ambleside assist in the Low Pike area.

17th May

The Team were assisting Langdale Ambleside with a fallen scrambler on Pike O Stickle when the next reported incident happened.

17th May (2nd incident)

Whilst assisting in the above rescue, a RAF Helicopter had to make an emergency landing following a tip strike on rock and one of our own Team members was injured.

18th May

A RAF search team member was injured whilst carrying out a search from the previous days incident The team were again called to assist.

5th June

Another long trek to Far Easedale to assist Langdale Ambleside evacuate an elderly gentleman, he was eventually airlifted by NW Air Ambulance.

26th June

A search for 5 overdue D of E members was launched in the Easedale are they were found safe & well camping at Easedale Tarn.

28th June

Another Langdale assist at Heron Crag.

2nd July

And yet another assist at Greenburn.

2nd / 3rd July

A major search was launched in the Witherslack area for a potentially suicidal, man who had left his car and gone missing he eventually turned up at the Samaritans in Lancaster The search involved 7 Teams & a RAF Helicopter.

7th July

Police requested the team’s assistance with an incident on the riverside at Kirkby Lonsdale A young person was threatening to cut his wrists & jump into the river, he was eventually arrested by Police.

9th July

Again Langdale Ambleside assist in Far Easedale A lady had broken her leg the previous evening, with a friend they camped the night and raised the alarm the following day. She was airlifted by Air Ambulance to hospital.

10th July

A gentleman was completely lost somewhere in the Witherslack woods area, after several phone calls he eventually found a house and was then picked up by team vehicle and returned to his car.

26th July

2 mountain bikers became separated one made his way to Dent and summoned help the other eventually turned up at Sedbergh looking for his companion.

27th July

Again Langdale Ambleside Team requested assistance in helping to rescue an elderly gentleman from Far Easedale.

1st August (early hours of the morning)

A very strange incident This person claimed to be lost wet & cold with a failing torch, however it was a very dry, clear & mild night The persons torch shone well when we located him and he made his own way off the fell near Grange O Sands (it was a full moon night)

1st August

Later that day the team again found themselves in the Easedale Tarn area helping Langdale Team

1st August

A busy day!! Again assisting Langdale Ambleside, this time on Raven Crag.

8th August

A man trapped his foot in boggy ground and broke his ankle in the Deepdale area of Sedbergh, he was taken to hospital by Air Ambulance.

10th August

During the early hours a search was launched for a man who had been separated from his family at Morrison`s superstore car park, he was eventually located at his home in Penrith.

14th August

A paraglider collided with a wall whilst landing in the Dent area, he sustained a dislocated finger & lots of bruises, in order to protect unforeseen back injuries he was airlifted to hospital by Air Ambulance.

20th August

Back to assist our colleagues at Langdale again this time a casualty in Rossett Ghyll.

23rd August

Police requested the team to assist in searching for a girl who absconded from a special school, she turned up as the team were leaving base.

2nd September

What a surprise the team were again back in Far Easedale helping Langdale Team.

15th September

The Team were requested to assist with the removal of a suicide victim from Arnside Knott.

16th September

Missing person in the Kendal area, he turned up at a local hospital as the team were about to leave base.

19th September

A young child was separated from parents and was seen to be wandering near cliffs, The parents managed to reach him as the team arrived, then the whole family were assisted down to safety by the team.

27th September

This time it was assist Wasdale Team near Crinkle Crags in a search & carry off for a casualty who had fallen whilst descending Rest Ghyll. Langdale Team were also involved.

28th September

Back to our second home! Easedale tarn area to assist in evacuation of a casualty who had slipped & injured his shoulder.

24th October

Assist Langdale team to search for a missing family who were cold & wet and unsure of their location.

26th October

A collapsed man on Bowfell required assistance in getting off the fell, Langdale again required the help of Kendal team.

26th October

Same day following on from the last incident the team assisted in another request for help at Troutbeck.

28th October

Back in our own area, a 22stone male collapsed on Cunswick Scar having drunk ¾ bottle of whiskey, he was taken to hospital and his colleagues were taken home to various addresses in Kendal.

13th November

An elderly epileptic was lost, but soon located by the team in the Dubbs Road area.
He was unhurt.

2nd December

The team launched a search following reports of shouting for help in the Cautley Spout Area. After some investigation it was found that the calls were from a local farmer calling out for his dog that had recently gone missing.

5th December

A walker slipped on Gummers Howe, she was treated & airlifted by Air Ambulance as the team arrived.

12th December

Another Slip and suspected lower leg injury, this time on a track near Lindale, the lady was evacuated from the fell & taken to hospital.

13th December

Another request from the Langdale / Ambleside Team to assist, but as Kendal were assembling at base the team was stood down.

19th December

On the southern end of Scout Scar an elderly female slipped on icy ground, she was evacuated to hospital with minor injuries to her ankle.

30th December

A small group of Team Members assisted 6 Adults & 2 Children from 3 4 x 4 vehicles that had got completely stuck whilst off roading in the Dent area, during severe wet weather.

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