Callouts 2005

1st January

Probably at this moment in time the busiest team in the country!!! The first call out of the year a gentleman with an ankle injury on Farleton Fell. Straight forward rescue but the teams main concern was for his partner & baby as the weather had turned very cold wet & windy.

5th January

The first of assisting Langdale / Ambleside Team in a search for a missing person reported to have sustained head injuries.
The person found his own way to a local inn & then taken to hospital by ambulance whilst the teams were still searching.

14th January

Another assist to Langdale / Ambleside this time to Easedale to assist a couple walking the coast to coast and were benighted / lost with no torch.

22nd January

The team were called to assist an elderly lady who had slipped & broken her ankle whilst walking on the Garburn Pass / Yoke area.

13th February

The team were requested by county ambulance to assist in the evacuation of a lady who had slipped on frozen grass on The Helm Kendal.

5th March

Back to assist Langdale / Ambleside in White Ghyll Langdale to evacuate 2 casualties.

6th March

A call to a male walker with chest pains on Shipman Knott, the air ambulance assisted and the casualty was taken to hospital by them.

24th March

Assisting Langdale again in the search for a missing despondent in the Langdale area.

25th March

A further search continuing from the previous day, Note: the person was found the next day unhurt and camping in Langdale.

26th March

The team responded to another request from Landale to search for a party of 4 missing on Fairfield. The walkers turned up as the team arrived at Ambleside.

26th March

The final one of the day was to assist Langdale in the search for a solo walker overdue en route from Langdale to Wasdale via Scafell The team were held at Ambleside and then stood down later.

4th April

The team joined forces with other teams for an all night search for a missing woman who became separated from the rest of the party.
Sadly her body was spotted the next day by helicopter.

11th April

Again another night search for a missing male in the Red Screes area, Sadly again his body was found by search dog just after midnight.

12th April

And again to Langdale to assist with search & evacuation of a female with minor injuries to a knee. This search went well into the early hours.

18th May

The Team assisted a lady who slipped whilst walking her dog on The Helm at Kendal, she was treated for a possible broken ankle & transported to Westmoreland General Hospital.

21st May

Police requested the Team’s assistance in the recovery of the body of a parachutist near Cark Airfield.

23rd May

The Team responded to a call to assist a female who twisted a knee whilst descending Nan-Bield Pass. She was evacuated to hospital, the weather was very wet & windy.

24th May

Langdale Ambleside requested the Team’s assistance in a search in Great Langdale but the team was stood down whilst assembling at base.

27th May

An 83yr old man walked out of hospital in a confused state, last seen on cctv cameras at a superstore nearby, a search took place at the store, but the majority of team members were stood down when a local resident found the man wandering.

30th May

At 04.00hrs an early start to the day when police requested our help in searching for a youth who was missing following an alcoholic night and a fight with other youths. Feared that he may have been lying injured somewhere a search was conducted in part of the Lythe Valley with the assistance of a police helicopter. The youth turned up about 4 hrs later as the team were formulating further assistance from other teams.

16th June

The Team went to the assistance of a lady who slipped on a wet slab whilst walking with a organised National Park Group, she injured her left ankle, and was taken to hospital in Kendal. Langdale / Ambleside Team assisted with this rescue.

19th June

Once again we assisted The Langdale Team with the evacuation of a fallen climber on Gimmer Crag Langdale.

27th June

Another assist in Grasmere to a collapsed gentleman with a heart attack, He was taken by Royal Navy Helicopter to hospital.

29th June

Cumbria Ambulance requested the Team’s assistance to a female who had slipped and injured her ankle whilst walking her dog on Kendal Fell. She was wearing Wellies !!

2nd July

Yet another Ambulance Assist, this time to Arnside Knott to help evacuate a female with leg injuries.

2nd July

2nd call out today, this time another Langdale Assist to man who had slipped whilst scrambling in Browney Ghyll. He was stretchered off the fell to the Wrynose Pass and taken to Kendal Hospital for treatment.

8th July

Langdale/ Ambleside Team were experiencing severe problems in their radio communications during a call out, A request for someone to man Kendal Base as a relay station was made and the duty duly carried out by our Team Leader.

9th July

Police requested the team to search the land area around Humphrey Head when it was found that someone had disappeared after leaving a cycle & fresh shopping on the shoreline. The coastguard search the shore along with the bay hovercraft, and a RAF helicopter who happened to be in the area assisted as well. The missing person was not found.

10th July

A confused lady went missing near her village, she was located by her son and an Ambulance was called, the Ambulance crew requested the Team to assist in evacuation, the lady was suffering from dehydration & exhaustion.

11th July

Once again the hot weather took it’s toll when a D of E gold group ran out of water and two of them became exhausted whilst walking the ridge between Froswick & Ill Bell.
Langdale Team requested a helicopter and the group were picked up & dropped in the valley to the awaiting Kendal Team. All were then transported back to the road.
It seemed the group were not prepared for such hot weather!!

11th July

On our return from the above call out we were requested to assist in Langdale`s second call out to help evacuate a lady with a heart condition, she was walking in a large group at the top of Hell Ghyll. The lady very wisely stopped and sat down. Again a helicopter was requested and she was airlifted to Carlisle Hospital. Both Teams had a very long & hot walk at the end of a busy day

17th July (3 CALL OUTS)

If you thought the 11th was busy try this 1ST call out to an injured runner in the Kentmere Fell Race he was high up on Nan Bield Pass, fortunately a RAF Helicopter training in the area airlifted the injured person to hospital, just as well because on the way to this incident we had a 2ND call out to the same Fell Race, this time heat.

17th July (continued)

exhaustion, whilst treating & evacuating this casualty the team received a 3RD call out to assist in evacuation of a female who had fallen whilst paddling in the River Rawthey at Sedbergh, she was treated by Ambulance Crew at the scene and then transferred to hospital by County Ambulance.

6th August

Police requested the team to attend an ambulance assist at Sedbergh, after gaining further details, the incident was passed to CRO as it turned out to be in their area therefore a quicker response could be made.

9th August

Langdale / Ambleside Team requested the team’s assistance to an injured person on Jacks Rake Pavey Ark. After assessing the situation an RAF helicopter was requested to evacuate the casualty. This would have been a difficult rescue had the helicopter not been available.

18th August

Whilst on exercise with the Search & Rescue Dog Association, our own handler & dog Kess with the help of a Langdale dog handler assisted a group of 28 teenagers & 1 adult from the fell to the safety of their coach, as weather was deteriorating. All were inappropriately dressed.

20th August

A female lost her footing whilst crossing a stile near Eskholme she rolled / fell about 2m on steep ground landing on loose boulders, which resulted in the fracture of her left arm. After treatment at the scene she was transferred to Royal Lancaster Infirmary by County Ambulance.

23rd August

3 males aged 65, 35, & 10 became lost in deteriorating weather conditions and called for assistance, they were located in the area of Threshwaite Cove and escorted unhurt to safety. The team was assisted by Patterdale Team on this incident.

14 September

Another Langdale assist, this time to a casualty at Scout Crag Langdale

14th September

Same day but during an evening exercise the police paged the team to search for a missing person in Kentmere. Shortly afterwards the person turned up, he had been assisted off the fell by another group of walkers.

23 September

Once again to assist Langdale / Ambleside who were struggling for team members on this shout, reported as a collapsed male at Stickle Tarn, the casualty turned out to be nearer the road than expected, Langdale dealt with the incident and our team returned to base

25th September

Whilst on exercise in the Shap area, the team were requested to assist Langdale to search for persons shouting for help in Langdale, One vehicle was despatched immediately, with the intention of the 2nd vehicle to follow once team members were off the fell. This call turned out to be of nothing relevant. As the 2nd vehicle was ready to depart for Langdale, we received a pager message from the police to assist in a search for a missing female in the Kendal area. (see below)

25th September Continued

We were informed of a local elderly female had left a suicide note and gone for a walk to a well known local area. Once our vehicle arrived a search was instigated along with police search dogs.
A police helicopter did a thermal imaging sweep and ground teams covered further areas. Search dogs from the Lakes were called in. About 3 hrs later the lady turned up at her home having taken a large amount of paracetimol & aspirin, she was treated by County Ambulance Crews. A long day was had by all by the time all equipment was sorted and vehicles made ready for another call.

15th October

Tonight we were requested to assist Penrith Team (makes a change from Ambleside)
A search was conducted in the Kentmere area for a missing party who later turned up fit & well.

22nd October

Back with Ambleside again to assist with the evacuation of a casualty with a fractured arm on Harrison Stickle. The North West Air Ambulance was summoned and the casualty was airlifted to hospital.

2nd November

Our old familiar area again!! Easedale Tarn to assist Langdale Team with evacuation of a casualty with injured leg. It was wet on top & under foot.

3rd November

During the morning the team were called to assist Cumbria Ambulance with the evacuation of an injured British Waterways employee who sustained a serious fracture of Tib & Fib whilst crossing a culvert on the canal. He was airlifted to hospital by air ambulance.

5th November

Good old Easedale Tarn, and another wet slog to help evacuate a 16year old with broken ankle. At the hospital his friends welcomed him as Big Will —-they were certainly right!!!!

19th November

Whilst a few team members were on a Photo Shoot for Land Rover Owners Magazine in Kentmere. A Mountain biker required assistance following a fall from his bike.
He sustained an injured arm and was treated at the scene and then taken by team vehicle to Staveley to meet a County Ambulance.
How often are you on the spot at the right time? Also made a good photo shoot.

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