Callouts 2006

1st February 06 11:37hrs

A quiet time until now, our first call out was to assist Langdale / Ambleside Team in evacuating an elderly lady who had tripped on a tree root near Elterwater Quarries and sustained minor head injuries

1st February 06 1415hrs

Same day, another Langdale assist, this time to Grasmere to assist in evacuation of a male walker who had slipped & twisted his knee.

2nd February 06 15:20hrs

The first of our own call outs, this time to assist a lady who had slipped on frozen ground and sustained a lower leg injury whilst walking near Hawes Bridge Natland. She was treated on scene and then transported to hospital in Kendal

5th February 06. 13:00hrs

A lone walker slipped & dislocated his shoulder whilst approaching Thornthwaite Beacon. He was treated at the scene and stretchered off the fell. We were assisted by a few members of Langdale / Ambleside Team.

10th February 06 13:15hrs ( 1 )

Police requested the teams help in locating a missing male who had recently been discharged from hospital, despite extensive searching with the help of an RAF helicopter the search was called off at nightfall

11th February 06 09:00hrs ( 2 )

The previous days search continued with the help of Bowland Pennine & Duddon Furness Teams, Coast Guards & Bay Hovercraft + Search Dogs
Again there was no find.

11th February 06 18:15hrs ( 3 )

Following fresh evidence the police requested a further search for the above person in a wood near Kendal —Again no find

12th February 06 08:15

The team were called to assist Langdale in an ongoing search for a local man who had been missing for a couple of days, The teams were stood down following police confirmed positive sighting of this person walking the Canal at Carnforth.

12TH February 06 13:15hrs ( 4 )

A further search for the previous reported missing person, in a quarry near Kendal—Again no find

12th February 14:45hrs

Whilst attending a first aid course at Ambleside 6 Kendal members assisted in evacuating a male walker who had collapsed on Heron Pike.
Despite efforts to help him he sadly died at the scene.

17th February 06 12:15hrs

The Team again assisted Langdale in transporting a casualty to hospital who had slipped on wet ground and sustained a possible fracture to left ankle

19th February 06 12:20hrs

Whilst on route to assist Langdale to a mountain bike accident, the team were stood down as the casualty was evacuated by North West Air Ambulance.

11th March 06 12:00hrs

Another assist with Langdale Team, this time to Stickle Tarn area, to a female who had slipped & broken her wrist, the Team transported the casualty to hospital in Kendal

12th March 06

09:00hrs Early heavy snow caused problems on roads around Cumbria, The police requested the team to provide transport, An officer was allocated to each vehicle and roads around Kendal were patrolled, assisting motorists where necessary.

14:00hrs At the end of the above shift the team were asked to transport a doctor from Baycall ( the out of hours service ) to a patients house in Grange o Sands

12th March 06

17:15hrs Cumbria Ambulance requested the assistance of the team to evacuate an injured female from The Helm in Kendal, she sustained back injuries whilst sledging on a car bonnet She was part of a large group who had also been drinking

18:00hrs During this call out another request was received from Baycall to transport a doctor to a nursing home.

17th March 06 15:30hrs

Langdale / Ambleside Team requested our assistance in evacuating a casualty from Loft Crag Langdale who sustained a broken wrist.
The lady concerned was transported to hospital in a Kendal Team vehicle.

23rd March 06 05:30hrs

Further away this time, Penrith Team co-ordinated a large search for an elderly person reported missing in the Hilton area Penrith. There was no find

25th March 06 06:30hrs

A further continuation of the above search but still no find.

1st April 06 23.00hrs

A late night walk, about 10 team members assisted Langdale in walking 3 people off the fell who had been missing since earlier in the day. The weather turned very bad and hindered the evacuation, although cold & wet no one was injured. We finally got home about 4am.

6th April 06 16:00hrs

Langdale / Ambleside Team again requested our assistance in evacuating 2 Chinese people from the fell near Angle Tarn. They were inappropriately dressed and suffering from hypothermia. Fortunately a break in the weather gave chance for an RAF helicopter to airlift them down the fell

26th April 06 15:09hrs

A 75 year old male became separated from his wife during a walk, he was located by team Members on the roadside whilst on route to the incident

29th April 06 17:20hrs

We were called to assist Langdale / Ambleside team to evacuate an injured female near Ore Gap. She sustained minor head injuries and was transported to hospital

13th May

14:30hrs Again to assist Langdale / Ambleside team near Angle Tarn to evacuate a female dizzy spells.

17:00hrs Whilst attending the above incident the rescue party were split and 1 part dealt with another incident in Oxendale, another female with head & shoulder injuries following a fall.

21st May 16.00hrs

Again to Langdale`s area to assist in the evacuation of a casualty who was injured whilst scrambling in Crinkle Ghyll. During the rescue a Langdale / Ambleside team member was also injured, both were airlifted to hospital as our team arrived on scene

21st May 23.30hrs

A late night search for a missing walker on the Fairfield Horseshoe, nothing was found after a long wet night.

22nd May 09:00hrs

Back to Ambleside again to continue the previous days search despite extensive searching along with other teams still nothing was found..

22nd June 20:00hrs

The team were alerted by a team member, who thought the team may be required to assist the Ambulance in evacuation of a casualty who had fallen on belay whilst doing the rope course at Castle Green Hotel Kendal The team were stood down whilst assembling at base

12th July 20:00hrs

An injured Ghyll Scrambler required assistance having fallen about 30ft into water, he sustained serious leg and other injuries, also hypothermia
An RAF helicopter was called but had to abort rescue due to low cloud, the casualty was eventually transported to a waiting Ambulance near the A6.

19th July PM

A strange call via the Police Control who received a request from Cleveland Police to search for a missing person in the Grange Over Sands area, after several investigations as to where to start a search it seems as if the incident was totally confused with some other incident, (enquiries are still on going)

24th July PM

A call to assist a 51 year old male with a back injury, in the Middleton Fell area, he was airlifted to Royal Lancaster Infirmary by Great North Air Ambulance

25th August 16:00hrs

A request to assist a female with broken ankle in the Grizedale Beck area Sedbergh. After investigation by the team the incident turned out to be in the Patterdale Area and was passed to Patterdale Team

16th Sept 16:15hrs

Langdale / Ambleside requested our assistance in the evacuation of an injured female from the top of Pavey Ark. She was stretchered off the fell and taken to hospital by Kendal vehicle.

30th Sept 15:15hrs

2 weeks later nearly the same time and back to exactly the same spot, another leg injury, this time a helicopter airlifted the casualty to hospital in Whitehaven�saved a long carry off

25th October 16:33hrs

The team were call to search for an 82 year old missing female who had been missing since 09:00hrs this day. An extensive search involving Kendal Team, Search Dogs, Police & Coastguards was conducted in very wet weather in the area of Grange over Sands. The lady was found alive in some local woods about 12 hours after she had gone missing, she was transferred to hospital by Ambulance

5th November 13:00hrs

Whist attending first aid training at Ambleside 2 of Kendal Team members assisted in an Ambleside call out in Stickle Ghyll.

25th December 20:28hrs

7 Team members assisted in providing above ground support during a long drawn out cave rescue, the casualty suffered upper leg & pelvic injuries and was eventually airlifted to hospital after nearly 12 hours underground. (A Christmas day to remember)

26th December 12:30hrs

A boxing day walk proved unfortunate for Meg the dog who fell and sustained minor injuries when she jumped over a cliff at Scout Scar near Kendal. The team were called to assist after the owner failed to appear after searching for the dog, as the team arrived the gentleman appeared but the dog did not. The dog was located by a team member and
Re-united with the family.

27th December 15:30hrs

Langdale / Ambleside team requested 8 team members to assist in the evacuation of an injured person in the Bleabury Knott Area

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