Callouts 2014

28 December 2014 11.40 hrs

Team called by North West Ambulance Service to a female who had taken a fall on the rocks at Jenny Browns Point, Silverdale. Land Ambulance and Air Ambulance crews were in attendance and requested assistance in case of a difficult extraction. The team was stood down en route at 12:10hrs with news that the casualty had been safely transferred by those already at scene.

07 December 2014 07.10 hrs

We were paged and asked to assist the Langdale & Ambleside team in a search for a walker who had been missing all night. Fortunately, the walker turned up as we were deploying and we were stood down at 08.45 hrs.

26 November 2014 19.55 hrs

It was our equipment evening. Just as we were getting some of the vehicles and kit checked we were paged by Cumbria Police and asked to assist a the search for a missing local girl. With those at base ready to deploy we received the good news that she had been found. So it was soon back to the kit checks.

22 November 2014 08.25 hrs

After yesterday’s fun, team members enjoyed the wake-up call at 08.25 this morning to join a search. Fortunately, the missing person was found safe and well and we were stood down at 08.40 as we were assembling.

21 November 2014 13.25 hrs

We were paged by the Langdale & Ambleside team and asked to assist them in helping an exhausted walker down from the Crinkle Crags area. Just as we were progressing up the Band we were advised that L&A were with the walker and were escorting him down Mosedale as this proved to be the best route down from the walker’s location. We went back down and relocated all of the vehicles to Cockley Beck. As we prepared to ascend the new route one of our vehicles was once again diverted, this time to Grasmere from where we ascended to Easedale Tarn. A female had taken a tumble, sustained a lower leg injury & needed to be stretchered down. During this rescue, L&A received their third callout – this time to a lost walker. Fortunately, she was located fairly quickly and escorted down from the hill. A busy few hours!

18 November 2014 18.50 hrs

We were requested by Cumbria Police to assist in an ongoing search for a missing person. We were stood down at 21:00hrs after the person was found.

10 November 2014 19.05 hrs

We were called to assist the Langdale & Ambleside team. A couple had become lost and benighted in the Langdale Pikes area. They were located close to the top of Dungeon Ghyll and lead down safely.

01 November 2014 16.30 hrs

We were called out to a location near Cautley Spout. The casualty was a female with an ankle injury and she had managed to get part way down by sliding down on a plastic sheet. When we arrived she was only about 200 metres from the Cross Keys pub – a great attempt at self-rescue! So it was a quick splinting job and short carry off to the ambulance. Once again we were assisted by our friends in the Kirkby Stephen team.

26 October 2014 12.20 hrs

We were doing search/evacuation training today with Bay Search & Rescue. At around 12.20 hrs we were asked to send a vehicle with 5 team members to assist the Langdale & Ambleside team with the evacuation of a woman with a lower leg injury from Red Tarn. Apparently, standing up in the very strong wind was challenging and some time was spent on the knees!

25 October 2014 15.00 hrs

We were called to Cautley to a male casualty with a lower leg injury. Paramedics and our friends from the Kirkby Stephen team were also in attendance. The casualty was stabilised and stretchered down to the North West Air Ambulance.

11 October 2014 12.55 hrs

We were paged by the Langdale & Ambleside team who were dealing with multiple incidents. We were tasked with attending a casualty on Bowfell with a fractured wrist, who was then picked up by an RAF Seaking and taken to hospital.

04 September 2014 17.40 hrs

Team called by Langdale & Ambleside team (who were also dealing with another callout) to assist in an incident on Gimmer Crag. A climber and his partner had taken a fall, sustaining leg injuries and possible concussion. 6 team members were soon on scene with 4 being uplifted by Rescue 177 and winched down to the casualty sight. A protracted rescue was helped by some well practised crag rescue techniques and some superb flying skills in both daylight and darkness by the aircrew. With the casualties safely aboard the helicopter, the teams descended and were back at base for midnight. Another long day!

04 September 2014 12.15 hrs

Team Leaders paged by Cumbria Police with concerns over 2 people reportedly in difficulties on Barf Fell Thornthwaite. It was very quickly established that we were called in error and the incident was passed on to Keswick MRT, who had a successful outcome. The use of SARCALL by the teams and the emergency services in the lakes is proving to be a very useful tool.

04 September 2014 00.20 hrs

Team leaders called and informed of a developing search for a missing female being carried out by Patterdale MR team. Kendal Team were called out at 01:04hrs as new information suggested she could be in the area of the Kentmere Horseshoe or further afield. 6 team members (which also included our 3 graded search dogs) headed up to commence a search. 2 team members drove up Longsleddale to do a cursory search of the Gatescarth pass. It was decided to withdraw all teams from the hill at 05:55hrs so as to reconvene at 08:00hrs with fresh legs. At 06:25hrs during the Kendal team’s descent into the Kentmere Valley a very grateful missing person was found making her way down. Another good result with multi team co-operation. Time to recharge the torches and the sleep batteries.

03 September 2014 00.55 hrs

Team contacted by Cumbria Police (we were also contacted by Duddon team after they were originally called) after an elderly and vulnerable gentlemen had been reported missing in the Stavely in Cartmel area. A search was instigated with assistance from the Duddon team. The gentleman was found and after transfer to a waiting ambulance the team was back at base (ready for work) at 05:21hrs.

02 September 2014 20.35 hrs

Team were paged by NW Ambulance Service after a mountain biker had been reported as taking a big fall on Farleton Knott. Team and paramedics located the casualty and a very steady carry off followed. All team members safely back by 23:12hrs.

01 September 2014 13.20 hrs

Team called by NW Ambulance Service to assist with a male casualty at the Leighton Moss nature reserve. Team stood down on route when the air ambulance picked up the casualty.

29 August 2014

Reaching base from our earlier callout it was confirmed that Kirkby Stephen Team were dealing with an incident involving a young DofE female high up on Cautley Spout, an area that covers both our patches. On request we sent our team of 4 (and cannot forget our 2 dogs who were pretty miffed at getting no action earlier) to assist. The casualty was located and treated for a leg injury and the effects of the cold. Whilst the rest of the DofE group were safely led down, the casualty was stretchered down in a long and tricky descent. Team members arrived safely back at base at 20:00hrs… a 14hr shift for some.

29 August 2014 06.05 hrs

An early start to what turned out to be a long day. We, along with 4 other teams and Lakes Search Dogs, were asked to assist Langdale & Ambleside in their ongoing overnight search for two lads who had reported themselves lost since 21:00hrs. 5 team members deployed at this stage followed by 4 more (+ 2 dogs) at 12:00hrs. This team was about to deploy from 3 shires when the good news came through that the lads, very cold, wet and hungry had managed to reach Dungeon Ghyll. We were returning to base when news that a second incident was developing at Cautley Spout (the other end of our patch).

24 August 2014 11.20 hrs

Team paged by Cumbria Police. Asked to attend a collapsed male on Garburn Pass. Great North Air ambulance were also requested. Team treated casualty with paramedics and transported the casualty in our 4×4 to the ambulance waiting at the road head.

23 August 2014 18.00 hrs

The team was paged by NWAmbulance Service asking for assistance with a head injury near Sedbergh. Paramedics and helimed were on scene but required further help moving the casualty. The team mobilised but was stood down outside Sedbergh when advised that members of the public had helped to move the casualty.

20 August 2014 14.20 hrs

We were paged by the Police following reports of a hang-glider crashing at Farleton Knott near the M6 Motorway. We were stood down at the bottom of the hill when it was established that, although it was a hard landing, the pilot was uninjured and able to make his own way down.

09 August 2014 15.15 hrs

We were called to assist the Langdale & Ambleside team with a party of 4 who were stuck on Jack’s Rake (Pavey Ark). An RAF Sea King was called to winch off a female casualty with a painful upper leg injury and take her to hospital. There followed a very slow operation to bring her companions down safely off the Rake and to walk them back down to the valley. Dinner was very late!

07 August 2014 15.00 hrs

The Langdale & Ambleside team were called to two incidents almost simultaneously today and we were asked to hold at our base in case our assistance was needed. When it was established that both of the casualties were fairly close to public highways we were stood down.

28 July 2014 15.25 hrs

We were called by Cumbria Police. A female had taken a fall near the Cairn on Mardale Ill Bell on the Kentmere Horseshoe. She had sustained a head injury. We had just arrived in the valley when we were stood down and informed that the Air Ambulance had reached the casualty.

27 July 2014 12.30 hrs

We had just come to the end of a training exercise to the north of Grayrigg (in which we had to search for a male casualty, treat his injured ankle and stretcher him off the fell) when we were called to Soolbank (just north of Sedbergh). The only differences here were that it was a female casualty and it was the opposite ankle!

08 July 2014 18.45 hrs

We were paged by the Penrith Team. A lone female walker on the Coast to Coast walk had reported herself lost to her parents who live in Holland. All she could see was a reservoir and a dam. We were requested to check the areas overlooking Kentmere Reservoir while the Penrith Team searched likely areas around the Haweswater Reservoir. She was found safe and well by members of Penrith. At least it was dry!

04 July 2014 16.00 hrs

My word that was wet! The Langdale & Ambleside team called us to assist with the evacuation of a male casualty with a knee injury from the top of Rossett Gill. The carry-off was made very “interesting” by the extremely wet weather which had swollen all of the gills and becks.

29 June 2014 11.50 hrs

It’s sometimes amazing how quickly situations can change in mountain rescue. We were over in the Howgills this morning training for stretcher lowering on steep ground when we were asked to assist the Bowland Pennine team in a search for an elderly lady who had been missing overnight in the Silverdale area. Fortunately, she was found uninjured mid afternoon by one of our search dogs (Ani) and her handler (Bill). Ani asked me to point out that it was her who did all the work!

23 June 2014 12.15 hrs

The team was contacted by the Langdale & Ambleside Team informing us that they had received a Sarcall notification of an incident on Gummers How, which is on our patch. We received the message just as we were also being contacted by NW Ambulance Service. A male had taken a bad fall close to the summit and had sustained head and possible upper limb injuries. In a joint effort with the Langdale Team the casualty was located and stabilised before being airlifted off via Helimed.

18 June 2014 17.45 hrs

We were called to assist the North West Ambulance Service with a female casualty near the River Rawthey in Sedbergh. She had fallen from a rope swing sustaining head injuries and she was taken off to hospital in an Air Ambulance.

10 June 2014 17.10 hrs

We were called to assist the North West Ambulance Service with a casualty near Staveley. However, we were stood down while on route when it was confirmed that the casualty had got to the ambulance safely.

21 May 2014 16.30 hrs

The team was asked to assist the North West Ambulance Service with a casualty in Muddybrow Plantation, Selside (to the north of Kendal). Five team members were diverted from the Langdale incident and they joined other team members who had become available. The casualty was found to have an ankle injury and he was stretchered down to the waiting ambulance.

21 May 2014 15.05 hrs

We were asked to assist the Langdale & Ambleside team with a climber who had taken a lead fall on Pavey Ark. The climber was found to have sustained serious injuries. He was stabilised and then airlifted to hospital in a Sea King helicopter. During this incident we received a second callout – see above.

18 May 2014 15.45 hrs

The team had just returned from a day of medical and driving training in Longsledale when we were off to assist the Langdale & Ambleside team in Far Easedale. We helped to carry a female casualty with an ankle injury to the end of the valley, from where she was transported to Ambleside to meet a County Ambulance.

14 May 2014 16.00 hrs

We were asked to assist the Langdale & Ambleside team with a female casualty with an ankle injury at Pike Howe in Great Langdale.

10 May 2014 17.20 hrs

Team called out to assist the North West Ambulance Service with a casualty close to the suspension bridge at Low Park Wood, Sedgwick. A short stretcher carry to the waiting ambulance meant the team was back at base by 18:40 hrs.

05 May 2014 14.40 hrs

We were called to a casualty with a shoulder injury in Cunswick Wood. Again we were stood down on route. This time, when the casualty was confirmed to be in an air ambulance.

04 May 2014 13.10 hrs

We were asked to assist the North West Ambulance Service with a casualty on Gummer’s How. We were stood down on route when it was established that the casualty was safely on board the ambulance.

29 April 2014 17.15 hrs

We were called by the Police following a motorist’s report of seeing a hang glider come down on Blease Fell (near Tebay) and someone waving their arms near it. The full team was put on standby while two team members went to investigate the report. Nothing was found so the team was stood down at 18.20 hrs. A report from a member of the public with the best of intentions.

28 April 2014 15.00 hrs

At the request of Wasdale team for specialist help from across the region, Kendal sent a vehicle with 5 swiftwater rescue technicians to help in the search for a man who was seen entering the Esk Estuary. In conjunction with Duddon and Furness team we searched a section of the estuary shoreline. Many of the lake district teams were involved in the search along with the Coastguard, Fire Service and Police but unfortunately nothing was found.

19 April 2014 15.30 hrs

We were called, along with the Kirkby Stephen team, to a young man with a painful ankle injury on Wandale Hill (Howgill Fells). The casualty’s ankle was stabilised, pain relief was administered and he was stretchered a short distance to our Land Rovers. He was then transported down to the road where we transferred him to a County Ambulance.

13 April 2014 13.30 hrs

We were asked to assist the Langdale & Ambleside Team with a call out to a casualty on the Climber’s Traverse on Bow Fell. The casualty was found to have a serious arm and shoulder injury. He had to be stretchered down steep ground to below the cloud base so that an RAF Sea King could lift him off and take him to hospital.

05 April 2014 16.20 hrs

The Team’s annual dinner was to take place that evening but we were asked to assist the Langdale & Ambleside team who were dealing with 3 callouts simultaneously. Some of our team members enjoyed a very wet walk up to the end of Far Easedale to help with the evacuation of a female with a knee injury. The Team Dinner was very enjoyable – if just a little late for some!

25 March 2014 12.50 hrs

The team was called to Cautley Spout when a woman in a waking group began to feel ill. The Kirkby Stephen Team also attended. The casualty was assessed and she managed to walk off the fell with assistance, down to a waiting County Ambulance.

12 March 2014 05.15 hrs

We were paged and asked to join a major search in the Central Lakes for a missing walker. Nine of the Lake District teams were involved and we were tasked in the areas around Moasdale. Sadly, a man’s body was found to the south west of Great Gable in the early afternoon.

10 March 2014 14.15 hrs

The team was called at 14.15 hrs to assist the NW Ambulance Service with a casualty at Bulman Strands (near Crosthwaite). A mountain biker had hit a tree and sustained an arm injury. The casualty was helped to the waiting ambulance.

05 March 2014 10.35 hrs

The team were paged by NWAS to assist them with a casualty on Kendal Castle hill who had slipped and sustained a leg injury. The team used a stretcher to carry the casualty to the waiting air ambulance which took him to hospital.

24 February 2014 19.20 hrs

A couple (visitors to the area) took their dog for a late afternoon walk up Hampsfell (near Grange-over-Sands). They had intended a circular route but found their excit from the fell blocked by deep mud and cattle. They decided to return to the summit and retrace their steps. Unfortunately, it went dark, they became disorientated and sensibly called for assistance. With the rest of the team on standby, three team members who were close to the area went up the hill, located them and led them off.

18 February 2014 10.05 hrs

We were called to assist the North West Ambulance Service following a report from a member of the public that someone had fallen while climbing in Warton Quarry. As we were about to leave base we were stood down when it was established that the incident was a false alarm and the group were just making a film! A well intentioned report of what could have been a very serious incident.

14 February 2014 15.35 hrs

The Langdale & Ambleside team requested our assistance with the evacuation of a female casualty from above Nab Scar near Rydal.

12 February 2014 18.35 hrs

We were called out following reports of a missing person. Fortunately she turned up safe and well very quickly and we were stood down before the team was fully mobilised.

19 January 2014 17.50 hrs

The team was paged by Cumbria Police after another walker had taken a nasty fall & sustained a lower leg injury. This time on steep ground below Winder Fell and just above Lockbank Farm. She was treated at the scene and after a controlled steep bank stretcher lower she was transferred to a waiting ambulance. It’s slippy out there folks!

19 January 2014 10.25 hrs

We were called to assist the North West Ambulance Service with a female casualty who had slipped on Hampsfell (to the north of Grange-over-Sands), sustaining a lower leg injury. The Air Ambulance was unable to get in due to low cloud. The casualty’s leg was splinted, she was given pain relief and then stretchered down to the ambulance. Home in time for Sunday lunch!

11 January 2014 13.10 hrs

The team was paged by the North West Ambulance Service and asked to assist with a female casualty who had taken a fall and suffered a lower leg injury. The location was just above the dry ski slope in Kendal. We brought the casualty down and transferred her to the ambulance at the Castle road gated entrance.

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