16 December 2016 19:15 hrs – Greenup Edge

With Langdale and Ambleside enjoying a well-deserved team Christmas celebration, we recevied a report of walkers lost and disorientated on the Coast to Coast long distance path between Rosthwaite and Grasmere. Initial information given to Police suggested that they were nearer to Grasmere and could see the village lights. SARLOC was used but without response.

The team despatched three vehicles, and teams walked a number of possible routes from Grasmere towards Greenup edge. We requested assistance from Keswick MRT, searching from Borrowdale, and SARDA Lakes, while the coastguard helicopter swept the area.

At 23:00hrs we received the news of a successful find by search dog Beck at a location closer to Rosthwaite than Grasmere. The missing people were able to walk off without further assistance.

This callout serves as a reminder to be properly prepared for a walk on the fells. Torches, maps, a compass, extra food and drink, fully charged phone and adequate clothing make your chances of detection and survival even greater.

Kendal team members all back home by 02:00hrs


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