2020 Incident #2: 3rd February 17:12 – Gummers How

The team were paged by Cumbria Police, with a report of walkers lost on Gummers How. Using their location from their mobile phone, and a bit of local knowledge, it was possible to talk the walkers down to the road, where a team member met them and returned them to their car. Continue Reading

2019 Incident #43: 7th December 14:16 – Bowston

Team called by NWAS. A young lad had taken a tumble on his mountain bike in the woods nr Bowston. Fortunately a first responder on scene was Ex Kendal MRT and also one of our team members lived nearby. This enabled a quick response and ensured the team was well prepared on arrival. The young… Continue Reading

2019 Incident #37: 9th November 08:37 – Castle Hill

2019 Incident #37: 9th November 08:37 – Castle Hill

Team called by NWAS, they were dealing with a casualty who had suffered a lower leg injury on steep ground at Kendal castle. Casualty care training was just about to commence at base so we were able to get on scene quickly and with sufficient numbers stretchered the casualty down to the ambulance. Continue Reading

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