2021 Incident #5: 24th April 12:27 – Serpentine Woods

Team responded to an NWAS request to assist them in moving a casualty who had tripped and sustained a head injury. The casualty had already been treated by the Paramedics and we swiftly made her secure on our stretcher before a short carry down to the ambulance.

2021 Incident #4: 14 April 16:20 – Kentmere

The team was asked by Penrith in locating a missing walker who had split from their group near Nan Bield pass. The team sent a vehicle towards Kentmere reservoir with the intention of walking up to the pass, but encountered the walker on their way out of the valley. We were able to drive them… Continue Reading

2021 Incident #1: 3rd January 12:03 – The Helm

Team called by NWAS. A walker had slipped and received a hip/pelvic injury whilst enjoying a walk on the helm. She was treated by team members and a team doctor on scene. She was then stretchered a short distance to the ambulance for transfer to hospital. We also got re acquainted with some fell ponies… Continue Reading

2020 Incident #43: 19th December 08:21 – Grange

On Saturday 19th Dec the Kendal team and the Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs were called to assist in the multi agency search for a missing woman in Grange. We were stood down when Cumbria Police confirmed the discovery of a body. The teams thoughts are with her family and we wish to extend… Continue Reading

2020 Incident #41: 7th November 11:06 – Scout Scar

Team called by Cumbria Police. A climber received a lower leg injury after a rock fall on one of the climbing routes on Scout Scar. The casualty was treated on scene and using team members for support was able to hobble on to the top of the scar. She was then stretchered back down to… Continue Reading

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