2018 Incident #46: 17th August 17:51 – River Lune

With everyone back home from the day’s earlier callout we received another call, this time from Cumbria Police. A kayaker on the river Lune near Killington had a potential shoulder dislocation. We despatched a couple of vehicles and were soon on scene. We were able to stretcher the casualty to the roadside where an ambulance… Continue Reading

2018 Incident #42: 10th August 18:45 – Mosedale Cottage

2018 Incident #42: 10th August 18:45 – Mosedale Cottage

Team called by Cumbria police after a cyclist had come off her bike and injured her ankle. Fortunately, they were within sight of Mosedale Cottage, and were able to make it there for shelter. We sent some team members in via Gatescarth pass, another group from Wet Sleddale and requested assistance from Penrith Mountain Rescue Team as… Continue Reading

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