Testing Eric

Testing Eric

We have now had our new control vehicle (Eric) for 3 months. Today was an opportunity for two team members to further test its communication systems so as to enhance our operational capability.

Using the inbuilt repeater system we set up next to Cartmel church and using M4 set off to various locations along the Lyth Valley, Backbarrow, Whitbarrow and Scout Scar. At all these locations we managed to communicate with another team member in Kendal. Something we were previously unable to do.

We then moved down to a location near Grange and set up our satellite system, we switched off the vehicles 4G system and rerouted it via satellite. We then successfully ran our internal computers and radio communications purely on satellite (a team first). Eric is proving to be a very valuable asset to the team and once again we send our thanks to everyone who has donated to the team, making what we do possible.

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