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Casualty Care Exams

Busy morning at base today, 10 Kendal team members and 2 team members from Wasdale MRT were doing the final practical exam to become qualified or re-qualify as Cas Carers (casualty care).

As any mountain rescue team member will tell you, arriving safely at the scene of an incident and the safety of the team is our first priority. Next is treating the casualty, who may be suffering a variety of injuries. These can range from broken bones, open wounds, internal injuries, heart attacks through to twisted ankles, hypothermia, heat exhaustion, asthma attack to name a few.

To ensure team members are able to treat these injuries they have to pass both the theory exam and the practical exam which consists of a trauma scenario and a medical scenario. The cas carer has to demonstrate to mountain rescue doctors that they are competent to treat casualties using the equipment that we carry up the hill.

Long hours go into both studying and practising for this exam, but the real hard work comes from the Lakes team doctors in preparing their members for this exam. A special mention goes to Kendal team doctor Tom C who has now organised our training and exams for the last 2 years. The proof of Tom’s hard work is demonstrated by the fact that all 10 Kendal team members passed, as did the 2 from Wasdale MRT.

On a final note, the qualification only lasts 3 years so that is why cas care is a vital part of our monthly training.

Update on Recent Activity

With the easing of certain lock down measures across the UK, and recognising the need for people to return to the outdoors and improve both their physical and mental wellbeing, we at Kendal MRT are supporting our fellow teams with the new message of “If you need to go out on the fells, then remain… Continue Reading

Return to Training

One of the most difficult things to achieve during the Covid-19 situation has been how we continue to train our team members. We have held online training meetings, and we have had to produce videos on how we respond to callouts and the Covid – 19 protocols that we as a team must observe. However,… Continue Reading

Mixed Day For Team

Today has been very much a bittersweet day for the team. A mixture of pride at being part of the Queens Award for Voluntary Service and sadness as we said our farewells to long serving team supporter and former fundraising officer Peter Clarkson. Peter passed away peacefully on 17th May. It was due to Peters… Continue Reading

Queen’s Award for LDSAMRA

As part of Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association, Kendal MRT are very proud to have been awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. Each team within LDSAMRA has its own unique history and as individual teams achieved some outstanding rescues, but if and when a large scale incident occurs we all work as… Continue Reading

No Callouts, But Still Keeping Busy!

The Lake District teams are glad to report that with a majority of people following the stay at home message we have been very quiet on the callout front. This does not mean that team members have been quiet. We have a significant number of team members fulfilling their roles as frontline NHS staff, including… Continue Reading

BAE Systems Present Cheque

BAE Systems Present Cheque

This evening we welcomed Cdr Iain Tough and Lt Adam Marfleet from BAE Systems Barrow, who along with fellow colleague and team member Scott, have been fund raising for the team. They presented a cheque for £1,010.00, which they raised as part of the K2B challenge, to team fundraising officer Neil. Iain and Adam were… Continue Reading

Remembering Harry

Remembering Harry

November 24th was a team training day in Kentmere. But more importantly for the team it was also our time to remember our friend and team member Harry who passed away earlier in the year. After a minutes silence some team members reflected on how Harry mentored them on the art of search management and… Continue Reading

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