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Emergency Services Day

Ever wondered what equipment the emergency services carry to various incidents? What a casualty feels like strapped into a Bell Stretcher? How modern technology has improved response times?. Then take some time out to come along and enjoy the Emergency Services Day on Sat 27th October 2018

Return to St Mark’s

Team member Tony was very happy to return to St Marks Primary School in Natland today and receive a cheque of £155 which was raised by the pupils in Yr 4. After an earlier visit by the team they put on a short play about Mountain Rescue which led to a fundraising event including a… Continue Reading

Visit to Stripy Horse

Today’s team visit was to #StripyHorse Nursery the mini mountain rescuers were shown what we carry in our rucksack (chocolate bars being the favourite…no surprise on that one) and then carried out a couple of rescues on Stripy Horse Mountain. Continue Reading

Visit to the Army Cadet Force

This evening two team members visited Kendal Army Cadet Force. We talked about our role as Kendal MRT and safety on the hills. Lots of Q&A throughout the visit plus a quick NAAFI break half way through. (Thanks for the brew and Chocolate). Continue Reading

Return to St Mark’s

Return to St Mark’s

Team member Tony W was invited back to St Mark’s School in Natland to witness the year 4 explaining the role of MR and acting out a rescue. This was done at morning assembly in front of the whole school and the year 4 parents. The play (which included a Mini Tony) was fantastic. They… Continue Reading

Visit to St Mark’s School

Team members visited St Marks School in Natland on Thursday. We spoke to all the Yr4 children, who at the end showed us a video they had made of how to call for Mountain Rescue when you are in trouble. Question of the day…”Why do you carry all that chocolate?” Continue Reading

Castle Park School Visit

Castle Park School Visit

A double visit for Castle Park School today as team members spoke to the Early Years children and role played a rescue with them. Then in the afternoon we returned and spoke to the Expedition club about safety on the hills and what to do if they need to call out a Mountain Rescue Team. Continue Reading

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