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Return to Training

One of the most difficult things to achieve during the Covid-19 situation has been how we continue to train our team members. We have held online training meetings, and we have had to produce videos on how we respond to callouts and the Covid – 19 protocols that we as a team must observe.

However, from 1st June and with the approval of Cumbria Police, teams in the lakes have been allowed to conduct outdoor training again, but with the need for social distancing guidelines to be implemented. This has not been an easy task for our training officer and his merry band of helpers.

Next Wednesday we intend to be out putting into practise the new methods of training that they have planned. Being outdoors will also allow the team members to focus on hill fitness and after at least 8 weeks for some, get hands on practise and re-familiarisation with team kit.

So if you are local to the area and do see us out give us a wave, you never know, we may even wave back

Keep safe everyone and be adventure smart.

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