Donation from Lancaster University Boat Club

The Team would like to thank LUBC for their very kind donation

Dear Kendal Mountain Rescue, I am the Club Captain from Lancaster University Boat Club. The club was effected by the floods in late December, with water rising over 8ft into our Boat House. Despite trying to rescue our boats, when the water level reached waste height we had to abandon our efforts, resulting in the loss of some of our fleet. Following this and seeing the damage to surrounding areas, we deciding to raise money for the organisations who helped. After finding out about your involvement, we decided to raise money for you. Although you didn’t help us directly, you helped many areas around the north west and our loss of some of our boats and equipment is nothing compared to the devastation caused to people’s homes. The club completed a 24 hour erg by rowing on the rowing machine in the middle of the University through rain, hail, snow, wind and glaring sunshine. At around 23 hours and 30 minutes we smashed our target of 586km. The club managed to raise £336.58 through donations from students and the general public. I have attached some photos of the floods, the damage caused and the 24 hour erg. We are very grateful for all of your efforts in helping people. I hope the money we have raised is of some help to you. Kind regards, Leah Carman LUBC Club Captain


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